Coming of the Storm


Book Description

Black Shell, an exiled Chickasaw trader, is fascinated by the pale, bearded newcomers who call themselves "Kristianos," and not even the wise counsel of Pearl Hand, the extraordinary and beautiful woman who has consented to be his mate, can dissuade him. It will unfortunately take a first-hand lesson in the Kristianos' unfathomable brutality for Black Shell to fully comprehend the dangers that these invaders pose to his people's way of life.

While his first instinct is to run away with Pearl Hand, somewhere the Kristianos cannot find them, Black Shell has been called to a greater destiny by the Spirit Being known as Horned Serpent. With Pearl Hand by his side, Black Shell must find a way to unite the disparate tribes and settlements of his native land and overcome the merciless armies of de Soto, which will stop at nothing to attain wealth and power.

Book Review


The Gears did a great job with researching this book.  Very few books are written from the point of view of the Native Americans.  However, the Gears did just that.  Yes, this is a fiction novel.  However, there are so many historical accuracies that you can picture yourself back in that time. 

One thing that was really interesting for me was that this book was based off the Native Americans in Florida.  Having grown up in Florida, it was refreshing to see a more accurate portrayal of history then what was served up in school.  As they say, history books are written by the victors.  So of course, we learned how great and powerful de Soto was.  We spent very little time going over the various tribes, their rituals, their beliefs, and their lives.

So whether you just like reading historical fiction or you like learning about the Native Americans, this book will have something for you!

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