Dawn of Angels


Book Description


Left by her mother at a young age, Kyra has grown-up in the foster system, leaving her angry and hateful towards the world. The only person she can trust is Hammond, her case worker who has watched over her since the time her mother left. When Hammond places Kyra in a foster home located in a small town, strange things begin happening and Kyra starts unraveling the mystery of her past. When Kyra’s life is threatened, she is saved by an angel, her guardian angel, Ashur, who falls from heaven to save her. Together, Ashur and Kyra must figure out why her life is in danger and stop a strange cult from bringing about the end of days.

Book Review


This book was a very quick read for me.  It was an interesting read, but it wasn’t completely compelling.  In other words, it wasn’t a book that I just didn’t want to put down.  However, it was a book that I didn’t mind picking back up again.  So I guess you could say it was an average rating book.

The characters were likeable.  I actually liked the fact that the angel wasn’t completely perfect.  He had his flaws.  Too often you see them written as completely perfect.

All-in-all it was a nice book.  Not one that I would read and reread, but it was decent enough.

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