Down and Out in Manhattan


Book Description


Down And Out in Manhattan is the story of life-changing decisions and second chances. When Margaret Maghpye, single and living in Manhattan, is fired from her job she decides to take a bold leap. With the thought of facing another painful holiday season, she exhausts her savings on a Mexican cruise, hoping it will lift her spirits. Having spent her scarred, young adult life making all the wrong choices, at first blush, this seems to be just another mistake of a lonely dreamer.

As she struggles to survive shipboard intrigue and entrapment, there's a bright spot when she befriends a fellow passenger, Michael Sanders - an enigmatic recluse with plenty of reasons to keep to himself. But, having felt the sting of heartbreak time and again, Maggie may not be ready to embark on another relationship. When Michael must leave the ship to assist in an emergency, she wonders if their friendship will endure the distance between them, particularly when she encounters a crisis of her own.

Book Review


Most of you know that I very rarely mention cover art.  However, I have to on this one.  Only because it is absolutely breath taking. 

That being said, this was a relatively short book.  However, I have to shamefully admit that I actually did not finish it.  It is also very rare for me not to finish a book.  Usually I will just plug through it however long it takes.

I just could not connect with the characters at all.  I am not sure entirely if it was just the writing style or if it was just the characters themselves. 

I really wish I could have finished it.  The summary sounded so interesting.  Unfortunately, not every book is for everybody.

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