Hidden Wheel


Book Description


When an art scene takes root in a pop-up colony called Freedom Springs, micro-visionary Ben Wilfork promotes the giant, autobiographical, 600-square-foot canvases of former chess prodigy and high-end dominatrix Rhonda Barrett using his Hidden Wheel as a bridge to the future before pre-Datastrophe history completes itself.

Book Review


This was a fun, easy read that took relatively little time to get involved in.  I thoroughly enjoyed reading this short book.

The characters were completely quirky.  The plot was quick witted.  This book took me on a wild ride that was fun.

The funky format did take some getting used to.  However, I can see where it totally fit in with the style of the story.

Hidden Wheel (9780983581314): Michael T Fournier: Books

ISBN: 0983581312
ISBN-13: 9780983581314

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