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She’s cautious, careful – and about to lose control of her future to a marriage of inconvenience.  So, what can reluctant bride Katie McAuley do?  Easy – let a modern-day Prince Charming spirit her away for a month to his Scottish castle.  There she can take refuge from her overbearing family and finally figure out what she really wants.  But the more Katies sees of Graham McLeod, the harder it’s getting to keep their arrangement strictly business…

As McLeod clan leader, Graham had always placed duty to his heritage and people before everything else.  Now with Katie as his “betrothed,” he’s finally satisfied a ridiculously outdated Marriage Pact to wed a McAuley descendant, letting him focus on more pressing matters, like preventing a ruthless relative’s takeover of his home island.  If he could just keep Katie’s courage and honesty at arm’s length, not to mention their all-too-sizzling attraction…

Book Review


I really enjoyed this book.  It wasn’t one of those books that I couldn’t put down, but it really had a cute plot. 

The characters were very likeable.  I loved the descriptions of the Scottish country side.  I felt like I was right there with them.  And seeing how I am currently working on my Scottish ancestry, it was nice to hear the descriptions.

There were a few spots in the book where the pace seemed just a little too slow, but it wasn’t anything that was completely detrimental to the book.

I am just hoping that they pick up the pieces of the story in the next book.  There were too many pieces left floating about unanswered.  Like what exactly did Iain want?  They said that they knew, but they never said what it was.

Some Like it Scot (9780758250872): Donna Kauffman: Books

ISBN: 0758250878
ISBN-13: 9780758250872

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