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In TASTE WHAT YOU’RE MISSING, Barb Stuckey, a professional food developer, explains how everyone can get more enjoyment from the foods they’re already eating. In easily accessible terms and with real-life examples, Stuckey explains the science behind what’s happening in your mouth, nose, and mind when you eat. By understanding the anatomy of taste, you’ll better appreciate food, whether when you’re cooking, or just eating.

Book Review


This was a very interesting book.  It showed me how little I truly knew about food and taste.  Barb Stuckey is a professional food developer.  This job requires her to have full use of all her senses, especially taste and smell.

In this book, she talks about how all the various senses relate to food and eating.  As well as providing various exercises and tests so you can see how each thing interrelates and how you can develop your taste sensation to the fullest.

Believe me!  Eating after reading this book is a whole new sensation!

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