The Call of Sedona


Book Description


Author Ilchi Lee’s fascinating personal stories and profound awakenings in Sedona are beautifully interwoven in this book.  His experiences and messages in carious known and unknown vortexes in Sedona are especially inspiring, and they will encourage you to start your own journey of the heart.

If you haven’t been to Sedona yet, this book will urge you to come to this blessed land.  If you have been to Sedona or even live there now, this book will only deepen love you hold for the wonders of the land.  Here you will find profound insights about making a true connection with your heart and nature, as well as much practical guidance for experiencing the spirit of Sedona.

Book Review


This is a truly remarkable, thought provoking and enlightening book.  Not only does Ilchi Lee take you on a journey through the beautiful wilds of Sedona, but on a journey to your innermost self. 

Many times we don’t stop to appreciate nature.  And even less times do we stop and appreciate the true nature of ourselves.  Ilchi Lee reminds us in this wonderfully written narrative that we are truly one with nature and the world around us.

I enjoyed the beautiful meditations that are included at the end of the book in the appendix. 

I have never been to Sedona, but I definitely would love to visit there after reading this book.  Plus I also got to learn more about myself as well.

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