The Possibility of You


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1916. It was the one thing Bridget was supposed to never let happen. But no matter how many times she replayed the steps in her head, she couldn’t reanimate the small pale boy who lay limp in her arms.

1976. Billie felt as if she’d been wrenched in half more surely than when the baby had been cut from her body. But she felt something else too: happy to think only of her own needs, her own tears. So light she could float away, somewhere no one would ever find her.

The present. Even if Cait never found her birth mother, even if she decided not to have this baby, to leave her lover and kiss her parents good-bye, she was surrounded by so much emotion, so many questions, that she felt as if she might never be free again.

Can we ever atone for the sins of the past? Or does each generation of women invent itself anew? In a complex and beautifully told masterpiece set against key moments for women in the last century, New York Times bestselling author Pamela Redmond intertwines the heartrending stories of Bridget, Billie, and Cait, and explores the ways in which one woman’s choices can affect her loved ones forever. As these three women search for identity and belonging, each faces a very personal decision that will reverberate across generations, tearing apart families, real and imaginary, perfect and flawed, but ultimately bringing them together again.

Book Review


This book starts out with three separate stories told over a period of almost a century.  Each chapter takes you to one of those time periods.  You start out in the present with Cait, then flash to the 1970s with Billie, and then end up in the 1910s with Bridget.  This same pattern follows through the entire book.

Slowly as the stories unfold you see them start to interweave together. 

Normally I don’t like books that flash through various timelines because I find them difficult to keep track of who is who and what happened when.  However, this book was so well written, I had no problems keeping track of all the story lines.

This was definitely an excellent read.  In fact, I would say that it was one of the most poignant stories that I have read in a very long time. 

You get to see so many sides to each of the characters.  It is truly amazing!

I highly recommend that you take the time to read this book.  It really makes you stop to think how a decision you make today, can literally affect generations to come.

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isabella057 said…
Thanks for this book review. I can see that this book is truly inspiring. I will assure that I will take time to look for this book.
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Theriz26 said…
Great post! I love to spend my free time reading quality books and this book is very interesting. That is why i’m so excited to grab copy of this book. Thanks for the review!

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