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Chatting it up with bendy WASPs is the last thing on Coco Guthrie’s mind during her 8:30 a.m. yoga class. Having made her fortune as the world-renowned inventor of Butt-B-Gone derriere cream, Coco still doesn’t feel like she belongs among the upper class— until she attends the swankiest Halloween soiree in Greenwich, Connecticut, where three of her fellow morning yogis shared her brilliant idea to appear as Sarah Palin. Soon it’s clear that a love of stretching isn’t all this accidental sorority—which includes a single mom with echolalia, an entertainment reporter who charms the pants off handsome stars, and a drama-prone producer with a taste for drag— have in common.

When the four mischievous Sarahs wander away from the party to sneak a peek at the mayor’s neighboring estate, they are stunned to find him adorned in leather and latex, and rolling up a woman’s body in a Persian rug. To make matters worse, someone has spotted the spying Palins. Someone who threatens to expose their torrid affairs in business and the bedroom. Now the unlikely foursome must use all their wits and wiles to get to the bottom of the kinky crime. But will their budding friendship be strong enough to protect their deepest secrets?

Book Review


This book does have its pros and cons about it. 

First and foremost, it is a very quick read even for the length of it.  However, it was a complete fluff read.  This is one of those books that you basically turn off your brain to read.  Don’t get me wrong, it’s a decent enough book.  It’s just that the story and plot are just so over the top that it seems almost inane. 

You have this completely random set of people who are thrown together all because they happen to take a yoga class together.  However, I am not even sure that some of their personalities are what you would find in your typical yoga class. 

Then you have them deciding to sneak in as they call it (but it is technically breaking in) to the mayor’s mansion to check it out.  The mayor is into some sort of fetishes with leather and latex.  And of course, they find the mayor rolling up a body.

Then you have to suspend belief even more to go with that someone is blackmailing them for spying on the mayor covering up a murder.  Hmmm… Like that really makes sense.  Shouldn’t it be the other way around?  Wouldn’t the mayor be the likely one to be blackmailed since it was a murder that he was covering up.  It would seem more likely that someone would be trying to kill them to keep them from squealing on the murder. 

I don’t know.  Like I said, it was a quick read, but there were tons of flaws that were too easy to pick apart.  It’s ok if you can just shut off your brain and let the words flow and don’t think about how it just seems incredulous.  Cooper Lawrence created interesting characters, I just don’t think that the situations were that well thought out.

The Yoga Club (9781439187272): Cooper Lawrence: Books

ISBN: 1439187274
ISBN-13: 9781439187272

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