At Tildy’s Thrift


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Although the shop is said to be haunted, Tildy's is still patronized by customers of every stripe imaginable. Strange things do happen, even with the presence of the gospel trio who work in the back to check in donations. Someone or something is bent on taking down Tildy's bitterness over childhood bullying due to a physical deformity and racism. Is there a Nephilim about? The little, economically-depressed, Southern town of Hortonville has a lot to deal with, and they must find a way to overcome.

Book Review


This was definitely a short quick read.  When I say short, I mean really short.  It was only 100 pages long. 

The story did drag in a few places, but otherwise I really liked it.  The characters were fun.  I think Miss Maxie was my favorite.  I could just picture her house decorated from stem to stern with nothing but Christmas items all year long. 

I do feel that the author could have built up a little more suspense as to what was going on and who was behind it all.  But overall, it was a nice short read that is great for when you are waiting in a doctor’s office or something where a little light reading comes in handy.

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