Barbara Taylor Bradford’s Letter From A Stranger




Book Description


Justine Nolan is a documentary film maker who lost her beloved grandmother a decade ago—the person who was the only source of love and comfort in her life.  Her own mother Deborah had always been distant and uninvolved, following her own agenda in pursuit of her career as an interior designer.  But when Justine inadvertently opens a letter addressed to her mother, she discovers that not only is her grandmother Gabri alive, but that Deborah has deliberately estranged the family from her for all these years.  Justine’s search for her grandmother takes her to Istanbul where she begins to uncover the family’s secrets that stretch all the way back to World War II.  As the layers of deception peel away, Justine begins to understand a woman she never really knew…and she begins to ask questions about the true desires of her own heart.

Book Review


Even though this author has been around for awhile, I have to admit that this was my first book by her.  I received the audio book on CD for review.  There are 12 CDs in the set if you get the unabridged version.  I always attempt to get the unabridged versions because there is a lot of story line that is cut from abridged ones.

This version was read by Nicola Barber.  I really like her reading style.  She has a voice that is easy to listen to and she really evokes the emotions of the characters as she reads their lines.

As for the story, it was really great.  It was a little slow moving in places, but it really kept me engrossed.  I loved the descriptions of Istanbul.  I felt like I got to go along with Justine as she went on the hunt for her grandmother there.

The majority of the story takes place in the present time.  However, there are flashes to the past (including WW2) as Justine unravels her family’s mysteries. 

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