Live Below The Line

One of the things that I have recently learned about is an upcoming awareness campaign called Live Below The Line.  This campaign is trying to help raise awareness about the extreme poverty that many people world wide live in.  Did you know that over 1.4 BILLION (yes you read that right! that says billion) people only get about $1.50 worth of food and drink per DAY!  Most Americans eat more then that in snack food alone per day. 

So the challenge is to attempt to live for 5 days with only eating or drinking $1.50 worth of food and drink per day. 

They are also asking to help raise money for the charities that they are partnered with.  For the US, those charities are Shot@Life, Unicef, Care, The Global Poverty Project, Global Syndicate, Malaria No More, and Rainforest Foundation US.

As a review blogger, I get forwarded marketing campaigns through BzzAgent a lot.  It is usually for various products.  However, this one I felt was a very good social concerns cause that everyone should be made aware of. 

What Have I Gotten Myself Into?

Live Below the Line is a campaign that challenges individuals and communities to eat and drink on just $1.50 per day for 5 days. By exposing participants to a glimpse of some of the daily difficulties experienced by the 1.4 billion people who live in extreme poverty every day, for everything, the campaign provides a unique window into understanding the realities of life for so many.

Through the insights gained over the 5 days, Live Below the Line is assembling a movement of people passionate about eradicating extreme poverty. Through partnerships with various charities, the campaign raises both awareness and critical funds.

If you don't think you can live off $1.50 a day yourself, pass on the information and the Live Below the Line website to friends and family who you think will be up for it. Be sure to tell them to choose the BzzAgent network from the drop down menu on the Live Below the Line sign-up page so we know the Bzz is working!

If you want to help out, but don’t want to attempt to Live Below the Line during those 5 days, then you can donate money to help bring awareness and to one of the charities.  You can use this donation link to make donations easier.


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