Lords of Dyscrasia


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Dyscrasia plagues the insectan elders of the Underworld. Desperate to save them from extinction, the golem Doctor Grave infuses the soul of his dying Queen into the blood of a human artisan, Lord Ante Lysis. Her soul passes through Ante's blood into his offspring, thus the Lysis bloodline carries the diseased Queen's soul as the Doctor perfects the necromancy needed to resurrect her. But the last descendant of Ante is determined quench the Queen's soul, and journeys to the Underworld to do so...

Book Review


First off, let me start by saying that this book is not for the feint of heart.  If you do not like macabre stories, then you will want to steer clear of this one.

On that note, I loved this book.  It has been ages since I have read a good horror/fantasy book.  This one is definitely that.  It will take you to places that you wish you didn’t go.  It will cause you to squirm with uneasiness.  It will make you want to lock your doors tight.

Some have likened it to HP Lovecraft’s works.  This author might not be as polished as HP Lovecraft, but that same style of horror is definitely present.  LE Lindberg takes you into the real sickness of what humanity can be twisted into and then twists that even more. 

Lords of Dyscrasia (9780615392868): S.E. Lindberg: Books

ISBN: 0615392865
ISBN-13: 9780615392868

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