Stopain Cold Spray


Product Description


Our extra strength pain relieving spray works quickly to provide fast, temporary relief of everyday arthritis, muscle and back pain. Get the proven pain-relieving benefits of menthol, plus glucosamine and MSM – two essential ingredients long known for their ability to help with joint pain and arthritis. Depend on easy-to-use Stopain Extra Strength Spray for pain relief right where you need it most.
Nothing Lasts Longer!

  • Sprays at any angle
  • Light, pleasant scent
  • Non-greasy
  • Easy to use
  • Works on contact
  • Pharmacist recommended


Product Review

I can’t believe how great this stuff works.  First off, it was nice not getting my hands all gunked up with gooey creams or gels.  It sprayed nice and evenly over the area.  Plus it doesn’t have that strong mediciney odor that goes along with most pain relief creams. 

I remember when my mom was still alive, my nephews would tease her when they were young because as soon as you walked in the house that was all you could smell.  They used to call it eau de grandma.  If this had been around back then, she would have been virtually pain free and not stinky!

It also works very fast!  One of the things that happens when I get one of my headaches is that I get referring pain going down my neck.  And of course, that pain just causes my headache to increase.  So it’s a vicious cycle that becomes hard to break.  As soon as I felt the pain in my neck, I sprayed some of this on and I didn’t have that part anymore.  So it was a lot easier to get rid of my headache from that point since I didn’t have the two feeding into each other.

Another great thing was that it wasn’t messy at all.  Since it’s a liquid, I was afraid that I would have it dripping all over the place once I sprayed it.  That wasn’t the case at all.  It stayed exactly where I sprayed it.

I know that I am definitely going to make sure that we have this well stocked in our house.

In conjunction with the Wakela’s World Disclosure Statement, I received a product in order to enable my review. No other compensation has been received. My statements are an honest account of my experience with the brand. The opinions stated here are mine alone.


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