The 17 Day Diet Cookbook

The 17 Day Diet Cookbook: 80 All New Recipes for Healthy Weight Loss

Book Description


As a family practice physician and an advocate of preventive health, I believe healthy food can still be wonderful. I refuse to accept that a diet has to involve going to extremes or that diet food has to taste like cardboard. It doesn’t! It just has to be thoughtfully prepared, in a reasonable amount of time, and taste incredibly good. That’s the kind of food you’ll find in this book.

I know you want meals that are quick and healthy. You want them to taste wonderful, you want them to help you lose weight, and you want them now! Seems like a tall order, but that’s what these recipes deliver. I encourage you to try several of these recipes each week to reap the benefits. Maybe the Tuscan Pork Tenderloin will become a new favorite, or the Mexican Chocolate Pudding can take over as your go-to dessert. Maybe you’ll love the Curried Poached Halibut or start making Oven-Barbecued Chicken all year round. Just start with a cycle’s worth of meals, and do it. Having the right ingredients on hand, plus kitchen equipment that makes preparation easier, will make cooking quicker and more healthful. With every new recipe you try, you will discover low-fat and low-carb cooking tips; healthy methods of food preparation; ways to cut the fat, sugar, calories, and cholesterol; and how to use fresh herbs and spices to add flavor. Consider these tools to help you get your weight under control. The more weight loss tools you have, the more successful you will be. Enjoy! —Dr. Mike

Book Review


You may remember that back on May 2nd, 2011, I had reviewed the actual 17 Day Diet book.  This is the follow up book to that one.

This book once again, takes you briefly through the phases of the diet in case you did not get the first book or just as a refresher.  Then it shows you all these great recipes for each phase.  And trust me, there are some extremely delicious foods in this cookbook!

One of my favorites is the Slow-Cooker Ropa Vieja.  Having grown up in South Florida, Cuban food is a staple of existence.  So to find a recipe that fits into a diet and is easy to make was exciting!

Another favorite of mine is the Polynesian London Broil.  The flavor of this one was incredible!

All of the recipes are very easy to follow.  The majority of them have ingredients that are already on hand.  I hate cookbooks that list ingredients that cause me to scratch my head and go on an insane scavenger hunt to find out where to buy them.  Plus, there are menus to help you plan out your days.  You are not required to follow the menus though.  You can mix and match any which way you like.  Pick a breakfast, a lunch, and a dinner from the phase you are currently on and you are good to go.

In conjunction with the Wakela’s World Disclosure Statement, I received a product in order to enable my review. No other compensation has been received. My statements are an honest account of my experience with the brand. The opinions stated here are mine alone.


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