The Mexican Saga


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On December 21st 2012, the Mayan 'Long Count' calendar cycle will come to an end. A new cycle of time will replace what has gone before.

To some, this means doomsday; to others a new beginning.

To the Nagual, the Toltec energy masters who exist in deep time, the great cycles of time are the very warp and weft of their existence.

Read this poetic narrative and feel the experiential, non-narcotic rush of a four-year-old initiate who grows to become a full-fledged Nagual. In length and heft, The Mexican Saga is written in verse, but reads like a short story, filled with wit, humor, and a sense of the wonder of beings that perceive realms of existence only dimly visible to us.

Prepare for December 21st 2012...

Book Review


As December 21, 2012 fast approaches, many wonder what it means for the Mayan calendar to end.  There has been so many various outlooks on this.  Of course, one of the popular theories is that the world will cease to exist.

I don’t think that it will cease to exist.  I just think that it will be shifting into a higher spiritual plane of existence.  Therefore, we either have to deal with our emotional and spiritual baggage now or we will definitely be mired down in it even more.

This book of poems addresses what those who study the Mayan religion and culture believe will happen.  The poems are very nicely crafted and are easily readable.  If you are in touch with your own spirituality, they might help to bring some insight into what is to come.


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