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Unjunk Your Junk Food: Healthy Alternatives to Conventional Snacks

Book Description


Join the edible (R)evolution! You don’t have to give up junk food to eat healthy—just make smarter choices. Discover yummy alternatives to your favorite treats. Unjunk Your Junk Food is a quick and easy guide to: • Healthy choices for the snacks you crave • Savvy alternatives to conventional brands • Tips for reading food labels and recognizing false claims • Nutritious ingredients to look for and dangerous additives to avoid • A tear-out Worst Ingredients chart, and more Now you can have your cake and eat it too!

Book Review


This book was definitely an eye opener for me.  There are so many items that I buy in order to eat healthier alternatives, but these foods have additives in them that actually make them worse then some of the foods that I was trying to avoid.

I first found out about this book through Naturally Savvy, the creators of the book.  They have tons of great information on their website.  And when they pointed towards this book, I just had to get a copy to find out more information.

One of the first things that this book does it teach you how to properly read packaging and food labels.  We all see those packages that are labeled “lite” and other such words.  I didn’t realize how off I was in what I thought some of those meant.  Heck, I didn’t even know that there was a difference between a product being labeled “organic” and being “made with organic ingredients”.  And there really is a difference. 

There is even a convenient little chart that comes out of the book that you can take with you to the grocery store.  It shows the “red” food additives (ones you should definitely avoid) and the “yellow” food additives (ones that are best avoided but not necessarily so).  And if you look at this list and compare to food items in your cupboards you will be completely shocked!

Here I was thinking that I was doing so good eating those 100 calorie packets of yummy goodness made by Nabisco only to find out that there are so many “red” and “yellow” ingredients that it really scared me.

One of the things that I really liked about the book is that the rest of it was broken down into sections by food type and it tackles national brands.  So if you have a craving for say cookies, you can look in there for the type of cookie you are wanting.  It will show you the national brand that most people are eating.  It will then tell you the pros and cons of that brand.  Then it will provide another brand that has a much healthier alternative.

So if you are truly trying to make some changes for the better in your eating habits, you will definitely want to check out this great book.  You will be surprised at what you find!

I suggest heading over to their website, their facebook page, and twitter to see what Naturally Savvy has to say.  There are tons of helpful hints and tips that they share.  Plus there are always various contests going on.  Also make sure you watch the hashtag #unjunkyourjunkfood as other people ask questions and get answers.

I know that I for one have decided that clean out my cupboards and have already made several copies of the chart to keep handy.  First, I have one for in my sister’s car.  That is the car we usually take grocery shopping.  SO this way, no matter what we have a copy when we go.  Plus I have one near our cupboards.  This way, I can check foods out that others bring into our household.  I also have a copy in my purse in case I go out without my sister.

What kind of changes are you willing to make to get to a healthier version of you?


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