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Seemingly overnight the world transforms into a barren wasteland ravaged by plague and overrun by hordes of flesh-eating zombies. A small band of desperate men and women stand their ground in a fortified compound in what had been Queens, New York. They've named their sanctuary Eden.

Harris--the unusual honest man in this dead world--races against time to solve a murder while maintaining his own humanity. Because the danger posed by the dead and diseased mass clawing at Eden's walls pales in comparison to the deceit and treachery Harris faces within.

Book Review


This book was so wildly disturbing to the imagination that it had me sleeping with the lights on! 

First off, this was one of those books that is told from multiple perspectives.  Once you figure that out, it flows along nicely.  At first it was a little disconcerting, but I caught on pretty quickly.

There wasn’t too much character development involved for the secondary characters.  But then again, there isn’t much needed since it is a horror/zombie novel in which people get killed off.  So you get to know just enough about the people in order to be invested with their deaths.  But not too much that you just don’t want to continue reading because you are bogged down with it.

I loved the fact that he included so many different types of zombies.  It was a nice take instead of just the shufflers that you normally see in the movies who are constantly screaming out “braaaaiiinnnnssssss!!!”. 

Definitely a fresh new take on the zombie book!

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