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Kurt Robbins always wondered where ideas came from. Then he found out. . . .

Kurt Robbins just finished his first novel and his editor loves it. The only problem is that six other writers submitted the same manuscript, word for word. Is Kurt a plagiarizer, or had something or someone seeded his mind with the idea? Memeticist Ursula Stevens is Kurt’s only hope in finding out the truth. While being chased by an unknown government agency, Kurt and Ursula search out the other authors, hoping to figure out who infected them, and why, day by day, Kurt’s intelligence is growing by leaps and bounds.

Book Review


This book captivated me from the beginning.  I have always been fascinated with how authors get their ideas.  And this book takes a very science fiction look at that and how these ideas sometimes overlap without even meaning to.

The action is intense.  I really loved the character Ursula the best.  But all the characters were well written.

If you love science fiction and books that make you stop and think, then you will definitely love this one.

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