The Mystery of the Silver Statue

The Mystery of the Silver Statue

Book Description


Follow the adventures of young sleuths B.T. Stevens and Jimmy Martin as they solve what is actually a real-life mystery of Colonial History. B.T. struggles with a serious disability and learns to appreciate his own strengths through the adventure and thanks to enduring friendships and strong family ties. Beyond being a charming work of fiction, "The Mystery of the Silver Statue" is also a valuable tool for discussion on both Colonial American History as well as the importance of self worth.

Book Review


This was a fun quick read that any kid would love. 

First, I absolutely loved the character B.T.  Stevens.  He may have had obstacles to face, however he did not let that stop him from doing anything that he wanted.

B.T. and his friend Jimmy run a “detective” agency from his home.  During the summer he is hired to watch over people’s homes while they are away.  Each day, the boys would hop on their bikes and make their rounds.  It was during one of their rides that they noticed some strange people lurking at an abandoned house.

The story line is fast paced and definitely action packed.  There were puzzles they had to solve along the way in order to get to the truth. 

This was a well thought out story that could lead to a wonderful series of books.

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