Come A Little Closer

Come a Little Closer


Book Description


America's Heartland, 1946. World War II has ended, and everyone is pursuing peacetime's bright promise with fresh energy and hope. Newly-arrived in a small Wisconsin town, Christina Tucker now dares to chase her long-cherished dreams: put her wartime nursing skills to use and reconnect with country life. But helping a shell-shocked veteran recover soon tests her determination and disturbs town memories best left buried. She has no choice but to turn to her patient's seemingly-irresponsible brother, Tyler Sutter. A restless ex-soldier, Tyler can't believe this pretty ladylike nurse can heal his family. Yet as Christina begins to understand Tyler's own fears, the two grow close, then closer still-as a terrible secret sparks one man's violent, vengeful spree. With both the guilty and innocent alike in harm's way, Tyler and Christina must face all their fears . . . or never live to see the future.

Book Review


This was a nice book.  It wasn’t overly done.  I do have to say that it took me a little bit of time to get drawn in completely.  It seemed to have a little too much going on in the beginning that I did get a little confused and had to reread a few pages just to make sure that I got what was going on.

The characters themselves were pretty likeable however flawed they were.  There were some characters that went beyond just a little flawed.  They were downright touched in the head, but that just added to the story.

This was my first Dorothy Garlock book that I read.  I might look into another book of hers to see how it is.  She is an okay author.  Not one that I would want to devour every one of her books.  More like one that I would pick up one of her books every now and then to just snack on.

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