Legend of the Dragonrealm: Volume III

Legends of the Dragonrealm, Volume III


Book Description


The Crystal Dragon

Sinister dreams haunt the wizard Cabe Bedlam, leading both him and Darkhorse to the desolate peninsula  of Legar.  Here, a desperate band of wolf raiders, their empire in ruins, have discovered the resting place and sorcerous artifacts  of the inhuman Quel.  Now Cabe, Darkhorse, and the Gryphon are trapped between two hellish hordes, and to defeat them, Cabe must become the willing pawn of the oldest, most enigmatic drake of all… the Crystal Dragon.

The Dragon Crown

Heir to the dragon emperor’s throne, the young, shape-shifting drake Kyl is the focus of many who seek to control the realm’s destiny.  Cabe Bedlam, most of all, hopes that this new emperor will be the signal for peace among drakes and men, but he knows that Kyl might prove to be the spark that drives the land to war.  In order to ensure Kyl’s survival, Cabe will have to confront a nightmarish foe from his distant paste, one who can strike at him even within the wizard’s own sanctum.

Book Review


I have been a long time fan of DragonRealm books!  So when I got the opportunity to review this book, I was over the top with excitement. 

This book definitely lived up to my expectations and then some! 

First off, there is the wonderful world that I know and love.  Of course, Richard A. Knaak gives great descriptions so that the first time reader can pick up on where things are happening.

Then you have all the great lore and legend that goes along with this realm.  These stories fit in perfectly with all the previous ones.  And for those of you who have never read anything in the Dragonrealms books, then you are in for a treat.  You can easily pick up on what is going on without having to know all the history.  The lore & legend is just a bonus to already know.

This book is a great work of fantasy fiction.  If you love wizards, dragons, fights, and perils, then you will not be disappointed!

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