Night Buddies and the Pineapple Cheesecake Scare

Night Buddies and the Pineapple Cheesecake…

Book Description


When pineapple cheesecakes start disappearing from the world’s only Pineapple Cheesecake Factory across town, Crosley, a zany red crocodile, enlists the help of young John Degraffenreidt to straighten things out.  In this adventure-fantasy, the unlikely pair sneaks out of John’s house by becoming invisible, thanks to the I –ain’t-here doodad Crosley uses from the bunch of whatchamacallits hanging on his belt.

John and Crosley get on the subway and ride the Night Folks Limited all the way to the factory where they meet the giant manager, Big Foot Mae.  There is danger ahead, but the Night Buddies must stay with their “Program” if the world’s supply of pineapple cheesecakes counts for anything.  And it surely does, especially to Crosley who is totally goofy about them and never seems to get his fill.

Book Review


This was a completely cute book to read.  The kids enjoyed every minute of it.  They were laughing hysterically throughout.

Sands Hetherington created such loveable characters.  I could actually picture a cartoon even being based off of them.  You meet so many along with way on their trip to the Pineapple Cheesecake Factory. 

One of the things that I loved was that the characters each have their own zany little quirky sayings such as “yigg!”.  Sands made sure to include a short little listing of these and their meanings at the front of the book.  The kids loved them.  So much that they have been using them in their own day to day language!!  It’s absolutely adorable.

The kids are already asking if there will be more books with Cros and John.  I checked the website and there is already another one in the works!  We can’t wait.

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