Aaron & Keja: Time Dragon

Cover for 'Aaron & Keja: Time Dragon (Orgarlan Saga: Book 1)'

Book Description


Lord Ky'debaul has found his magic powers waning. He devises a plan to restore them by killing a silver dragon. This dragon is not just a silver dragon, it is a time dragon. But in order for him to do this, he must send the dragon to another world where there are no laws written against killing a Time Dragon. The world he happens by chance to send the dragon to is Aaron Gillian's world.

Book Review


This should have been a quick read considering the length of it.  However, one of the things that kept tripping me up was the lack of finesse when it comes to writing. 

The author’s ideas were great.  She knew where her plot was going and how she wanted to get there.  However, I don’t feel that she has the knowledge yet to be able to get her from point A to point B and take the reader along with her.

I am sure if she has the opportunity to work with someone skilled in writing, they could help to guide her along the path to help culminate her ideas into a polished story.

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