Burning Light

Burning Light (The Protectors Prequels, Omnibus Edition)

Book Description


This is the omnibus edition of the Protectors prequel novellas. Includes:

Shifting Light
Though non-magic themselves, Sashe and her sister have grown up with shape changers, and now a deadly foe is out to banish the shape changing magic from the country. Sashe is forced to consider her survival when a friend of hers is killed because her father refused to help the Protectors. She's slowly falling for the new boy, but she must choose whether she and her sister can stay with the shape changers with their dangerous future. Should they decide to stay, how will they protect themselves against such powerful enemies?

Fire and Light
Sierra has always considered Evan like a brother, but suddenly she sees him as more. When he confesses his feelings for her, she shies away. Sierra thinks she’s brave enough to stay with the shape changers, but is she brave enough to risk her friendship with Evan?

The End of Light
An elder of the shape changers comes to Shyra with life-changing news. In her vision, Sashe and Sierra broke the curse the Protectors set on their family — by becoming pregnant. Yet many women have died from the curse. Sierra, Sashe, and their husbands must decide whether to trust the elders and risk their lives for a chance at breaking the curse.


Book Review


This book was definitely a slow starter.  I kept putting it down and putting it down.  However, I wanted to make sure that I gave it a fair chance to draw me in.  Thankfully, I did not give up on it.  After quite some time into the story, I was actually sucked into it.

The characters were quite static at first.  The author finally found her footing and the characters started to grow and blossom. 

One of the things that I liked is that I felt like I was along for the ride with them.  I had gotten to know them quite well. 

I am sure if Emily Ann Ward tweaked the beginning just a little, then this would be a masterful piece through and through.

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