Chasing Faeries

Chasing Faeries

Book Description


Through the tiny golden door that opens somewhere in childhood, enter a place called Appletwist Garden...

Calla Rose has always believed in faeries. Lying in her bed she would listen for hours to her grandmother's wonderful tales of faeries that lived in an enchanting land somewhere through the nearby wishing well.

Now in her tenth year, Calla Rose begins to realize that maybe there is more to the stories than she thought. When unexpected visitors pop up in her grandmother's garden, a choice must be made that could change her life forever.

Book Review


This was such a delightful story.  The characters were all sweet and the story was purely divine. 

Even though it is geared toward a much more younger read, anyone would be caught up in the tale of ten year old Calla Rose and her search for the faeries. 

The descriptions used in this book make you feel like you can truly see the faeries alongside of Calla Rose.  You can also feel her exasperation with her friend Ella-Sue.

This is truly a magical tale for people of all ages!  I know that I enjoyed it just as much as the kids.

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