Book Description


Temperatures are rising and superstition reigns supreme!

Eighteen year old Jillian Crossland has her life planned out. Or so she thinks!

Despite her better judgement, a séance one evening sets a blueprint for disaster when fate steps in and shakes up her plans and her life!

Jilly-Bean is a novel that explores contemporary life in the throes of global warming and on the edge of madness.

Book Review


This story was very much character driven.  The plot was slow to start and was very convoluted in many places.  However, the characters were well thought out and very well rounded.

I had problems trying to stay focused on reading.  There were many times when the story became too overly descriptive and my mind would end up wandering elsewhere. 

It was a nice story.  However, it never really drew me into it.   It just felt like it was going nowhere.


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