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This is the story of your past, your present, and if all goes well...your future. My name is Jack; I've lived for the past 500 years without knowledge of what or who I am, and now that I'm slowly finding out... it's not looking good. There is someone... or something... that is guiding us to the brink of destruction and I seem to be the only one that knows about it.

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This book had a lot of promise.  The plot was well thought out.  The characters were pretty well rounded.  The problem lies in the actual writing of the story. 

This was given to me by the author as a finished product, not an ARC.  So one would think that it would be a much more polished work.  However, it was fraught with misspellings, verb tense issues, and much more.

One of the biggest issues that I had witnessed was the fact that the author has trouble staying in the same point of view throughout the story.  It seems that he had every intention of writing the book in first person (as demonstrated by the book description).  However, this book switched perspectives throughout.

Overall, if this author is able to maybe take a few classes on how to take his ideas and translate them onto paper, then he will really be able to advance well.  Another alternative is to team up with someone who is more well versed in how to write and he could be the creative thought process behind it.

Staying Human (9781475261479): Kyle Tobin: Books

ISBN: 1475261470
ISBN-13: 9781475261479

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