A Leprechaun’s Lament

A Leprechaun's Lament

Book Description


A stipulation of the Patriot Act gave Chief Sam Jenkins an easy job; investigate all the civilians working for the Prospect Police Department. But what looked like a routine chore to the gritty ex-New York detective, turned into a nightmare. Preliminary inquiries reveal a middle-aged employee didn’t exist prior to 1975.

Murray McGuire spent the second half of his life repairing office equipment for the small city of Prospect, Tennessee, but the police can’t find a trace of the first half.

After uncovering nothing but dead ends during the background investigation and frustrations running at flood level, Jenkins finds his subject lying face down in a Smoky Mountain creek bed—murdered assassination-style.

By calling in favors from old friends and new acquaintances, the chief enlists help from a local FBI agent, a deputy director of the CIA, British intelligence services, and the Irish Garda to learn the man’s real identity and uncover the trail of an international killer seeking revenge in the Great Smoky Mountains.


Book Review


If it wasn’t for the fact that I have been sick, I would have finished this book in one sitting.  I really enjoyed the writing style of Wayne Zurl.  This is the 12th book in the series & thankfully you don’t have to read any of the prior books in order to enjoy this one.

One of the great things is that Wayne Zurl is a former police officer.  So he knows the ins and outs of police work.  Throw that together with his great writing style and you get one heck of a book.

I really loved the character of Sam.  Even though he spends his days chasing down criminals, he is able to keep a great sense of humor.  This helped to create a very well rounded character.

The plot line was fairly easy to follow and the dialog had me laughing hysterically.  I loved that the plot wasn’t just thrown in your face.  I felt like I was along for the ride as Sam attempts to find out who the mysterious Murray McGuire truly is and why he was found dead. 

I will definitely be getting my hands on his previous works.  I can’t wait to see read them.  I am sure that they are going to be just as delightful as this one was.

A Leprechaun's Lament (9781467509848): Wayne Zurl: Books

ISBN: 1467509841
ISBN-13: 9781467509848

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