Go Out and Play!

Go Out and Play!: Favorite Outdoor Games from KaBOOM!

Book Description


Go outside and play! Here, at your fingertips, are how to's for more than seventy best-loved games, all set to spread the fun of active play to kids of all ages.

Do you know how to draw a hopscotch grid? What’s the silliest challenge in the game of sardines? How do you keep from being "out" in SPUD? Is there any way to escape the blob? This lively, infectious guide to games runs the gamut from classic to contemporary: kick the can, freeze tag, blindman’s bluff, red light green light, four square, duck duck goose, and so many more. It’s all sparked by KaBOOM!, a nonprofit with a passion for creating outdoor play spaces nationally and around the world.

For KaBOOM!, play is serious business! So this guide also includes tips for adults on how to encourage and facilitate outdoor play as well as a wealth of resources on how to help create more play spaces in your own community.


Book Review


There were tons of great outdoor games to play with the kids in this book.  Many of which, I remember playing as a kid.  Plus there were quite a number that I had never heard of before.

This book is a great way to get the kids active and moving around.  So next time your kids are saying that they are bored, you just need to reach for this book and give them some great suggestions.

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