Good People Everywhere

Good People Everywhere

Book Description


A colorful picture book that will warm the hearts of children and adults alike, each of its pages contain endearing examples and vibrant illustrations to inspire children to grow into grateful, caring, and giving people. It provides a wonderful way to calm children before sleep, ease their fears, and help them develop an appreciation for good work. Also included are activity pages to help children practice skills for creating gratitude, compassion, and beauty in daily life.


Book Review


This book teaches kids to stop and appreciate those people around them.  Whether it’s the people who pick the fruits and vegetables they eat or the teachers who give them the knowledge in school, there are people in the kids’ lives that help to enrich them.

The book is fairly easy to read.  The pictures are bright and cheery.  I even love that at the end of the book it asks the kid to look at what he does that is good.  It also asks the kid to draw their own award to give to someone in their life for doing something good.

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