Religious Right: The Greatest Threat to Democracy

Religious Right: The Greatest Threat to Democracy

Book Description


This book is a timely expose on the Religious Right that gives insight into the network's blueprint for America. From Christian Reconstructionists, Dominionists, Quiverfull, Seven Mountains Mandate, the attacks on public schools, to birth control becoming a hot button issue, find out the leaders of the movement and their tactics. This book explains, and documents, a stealthy hijacking of the government, courts, schools, even our history, and popular culture. This work includes interviews, research, and a bibliography. The presentation is organized and systematic, while in plain English. It shares how to get involved and make a difference in your community to protect your rights and preserve democracy. The book is written by an insider who left the Religious Right, and now shares why they believe they are mandated to have dominion over every aspect of life in the United States. The author details how their vision for America is not a democracy at all. A must read. Well researched with current events included and explained. Never dull and answers all your questions.

Book Review


With all that is going on in our great nation, this is a must read for everyone.  This book reveals the shocking level of influence the Religious Right has already amassed and the changes they have accomplished – right under our noses.

You think you have understood how the changes have come about in our country.  You will be shocked to learn the truth behind some of these religious extremist groups.

Reading this book was definitely an eye opening experience.  It will shatter your vision of the world around you.

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