The Gap Year

The Gap Year

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Cam has raised her daughter Aubrey alone ever since her ex left to join a cult. But now the bond between mother and daughter seems to have disappeared. While Cam is frantic to see Aubrey, a straight-A student, at the perfect college, on a path that Cam is sure will provide her daughter success and happiness, Aubrey suddenly shows no interest in her mother’s plans. Even the promise of an exciting gap year saving baby seals or bringing clean water to remote villages hasn’t tempted her. She prefers pursuing a life with her wrong-side-of-the-tracks football-hero boyfriend and her own secret hopes. Both mourn the gap that has grown between them, but Cam and Aubrey seem locked in a fight without a winner. Can they both learn how to hold onto dreams . . . and when to let go to grasp something better? Sarah Bird’s trademark laugh-out-loud humor joins with the tears that accompany love in a combination that reveals the fragile yet tough bonds of mother and daughter.


Book Review


This was a cute chick lit read.  I enjoyed the interplay between Cam and her daughter Aubrey.

The plot was a little slow moving in places, but it still kept me interested.  I loved the quick wit of the author.  There were several times that the book was so funny that I was actually laughing.

If you are looking for a light read, then this is a really great book.

The Gap Year: Sarah Bird: 9781451678765: Books

ISBN: 1451678762
ISBN-13: 9781451678765

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