Borderlands #2: Unconquered

Borderlands #2: Unconquered

Book Description


Everyone already knows that. But the General of an army of Psycho Soldiers takes on this planetary hell headfirst, planning to enslave all of the Borderlands. And that General . . . is a Goddess. The General Goddess, Gynella, is a cunning maniac who uses the dark science of the vile Dr. Vialle to control a growing army of bandits and malcontents. Only four people stand in Gynella’s way. Roland. Mordecai. Brick. And . . . Daphne.

Daphne?! Better known as Kuller the Killer, she was once the galaxy’s most effective assassin for organized crime—until her forced retirement on this abandoned wasteland of a world. Roland is one of the toughest fighters in the Borderlands, and Mordecai is the best shot in four solar systems—all the two really want is to get to the Crystalisks, harvest some Eridium, get rich, and leave the planet for the nearest intergalactic party. But there are nightmarish creatures to deal with: Varkids and Skags and Threshers. Worse, Gynella is still in their way. Brick—a pile of walking muscle who lives to smash his enemies, could be their ally or their enemy . . . but you’d definitely rather have him on your side. As for Daphne Kuller? Don't make her mad. Just . . . don’t.

If you want to hear about the whole thing, take a ride on the bus to Fyrestone with Marcus. Because Marcus has a tale to tell you . . . an untold story of the Borderlands.

Book Review


One of the things that most people know about me is that I am a video game nerd!  I admit it!  I am proud of it!

Well, when I got the opportunity to review this book in the Borderlands series, I was thrilled.  I love playing the video game.  I love the fact that they have truly brought this game to life through a book.

The story and characters take you deeper into the world of Pandora. 

If you have played the game, then you definitely know the character Marcus.  Who could miss him and his wonderful tales that he tells within the game.  This story is written as if told by Marcus.  The author has Marcus’s tone of speech down.  I really felt like it was one of his tales that he would tell in the game.

Since I have seen the world of Pandora on my computer monitor, it was easy to imagine all the action going on. 

Even though this was the second book in the series, I had no issues following along.  However, I think that was mainly due to having played the video game.

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