#OnceUponATime & #Tron

Ok, Ok, I admit it!  I am a massive Oncer!  I can’t get enough of the show.

This past week’s show has really got me thinking though.  I am not sure how many people have started picking up on the Once Upon A Time / Tron intertwining in the last episode.

First off, let’s start off with the characters.

Kurt Flynn is a single father on the Once Upon A Time Show of a young son named Owen Flynn.  Owen’s mom had passed away 6 months prior to the flashback parts of the episode.  Owen left to Wisconsin to live with his uncle after his father’s disappearance.

Kevin Flynn is a single father in Tron of a young son named Sam Flynn (played by Owen Best in Tron 2.0: Legacy).  After Kevin’s disappearance, Sam was raised by his grandparents.

Now let’s look at the storylines.

Both Sam & Owen kept trying to get people to believe that their father’s were still alive.  No one would believe them.

Kevin was swept up into a video game in 1989 (a world of advanced science).  Kurt was swept up into Storybrooke in 1983 (a world of magical beings).  True, magic was still being kept at bay in Storybrooke until the curse was finally broken.

Finally, there was the bus bench in front of the garage in the Storybrooke flashback.

Notice that the bus bench is an ad for Encom.  That was the company that Kevin Flynn worked for as a software engineer in Tron.

It was in 1982 that Kevin Flynn became CEO of Encom.

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