Solomon’s Ring

Solomon's Ring

Book Description


At the highest levels of government, very mysteriously, certain members of the presidential chain of succession are found murdered.  However, these murders are not your ordinary murders; the presidential cabinet members’ bodies are found in a mummified condition – like they have been ceremonially prepared and entombed, by ancient Egyptians, for a thousand years.  For this to have occurred overnight is a complete mystery and complicates the investigation for FBI Agent Robert Cole.

Government leaders fearful that this may be the work of foreign terrorists dispatch CIA Agent Amir Bloomberg to assist Agent Cole with the mysterious case.

Agents Cole and Bloomberg soon find themselves in a race against a powerful supernatural entity stalking government leaders, sophisticated terrorists on the verge of creating a powerful weapon, and time to uncover the truth before the unspeakable happens and changes the world forever.

Book Review


I had won this book on LibraryThing and wasn’t really sure what to expect. 

This was one of those books that really keeps you awake at night.  I could visualize the demon rising up and manifesting as if it were happening in real life to me.  The plot was great.  It definitely kept me on the edge of my seat.

The one thing I didn’t like was that it bounced around between view points.  I really didn’t feel that I got a good grasp on the characters that way.

Other than that, it was a really great book.  I look forward to seeing what Raymond Beresford Hamilton comes up with next.

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