Early Review: Inner Guidance

As a child, my parents had always taught me to keep an open mind about religions.  They taught me that the only way to truly understand another religion is to read about it and experience it for myself.   This ties in greatly with my Unitarian Universalist beliefs now.  We are always open to learning more about various religions and cultures.

So when I was given the opportunity from Netgalley to review Inner Guidance by Anne Archer Butcher, I leaped at the chance.  This book was provided to me free of charge and with no compensation in exchange for an honest book review.

This book was written by Anne Archer Butcher.  It is her account of how she came to learn about Eckankar and how it changed her life.  It was interesting to see how she started out by getting in touch with her higher self and channeling various philosophical quotes for her students.  But it was only when she started channeling quotes that could not be attributed to the ancient philosophers that her curiosity was truly engaged.  She started having her students and some librarians search for the source of the quotes.  It wasn't until a substitute teacher came in to watch her teach that she learned where these quotes actually came from.

He left her a book about Eckankar and that lead her onto an amazing journey into self and spirit.

I really enjoyed many of the stories that she told about her life since she found Eckankar.  She has had many interesting and astounding things that have happened to her along the path.

She doesn't expound on too many of the practices except for the singing of HU.  HU is said to be the ancient Sufi name for God.

If you are open to exploring various religions, then I highly suggest this book.  It has definitely got me interested to read more about Eckankar.  This book is set to publish on October 15, 2013.
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