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I have always been a huge fan of the fantasy genre.  One of the things that I love about reading anthologies is that not only do you have the big named authors, but also other authors that you may not have heard of previously.  So it allows you to get a glimpse at their writing styles and possibly discover a new author whose works you will love.

Magick Rising has 6 novellas that are vastly different.  The unifying theme is that all stories revolve around a supernatural or magickal being.

This anthology has it all:  vampires, shapeshifters, magickers (the term used in one story for magick users), werewolves, ghosts, and much more!

My favorite story was Spirits Rising by Evelyn Vaughn.  I loved the interplay between the very much alive Penny and Richard the ghost she falls in love with.  And let's not forget Manon!  I definitely would not want to be on the wrong side of her wrath!!  She was intensely insane.  I truly loved the ending of the story.  I didn't even see that coming!  But you will just have to read the book in order to find out what happens!!

My second favorite would be, Blood Rising by Karen Fox.  This was my first story that I had read by her.  If any of her books are even half as good as this novella, then I will become a huge fan quickly.  Hayley is on the chase.  She is after the vampire that turned her sister.  The only thing that she knows about him is that he leaves a card with the words "The Destroyer" printed on it.  She doesn't know who she can trust.  She doesn't have anyone she can turn to.  Everyone thinks she is crazy because vampires are just things of campfire stories.  Yet, here she is hot on the Destroyer's trail.  That is when she meets up with Rurik and his old school charm.    I didn't really catch on to who the actual Destroyer was until the very end when Hayley is face to face in a battle for her life with him.

This is definitely a must read book.  I don't want to go into too much more details since they are short novellas and I don't want to give the stories away.  However, I read this book in one sitting because each story was incredibly written.  I didn't want to put this one down.
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