Udemy: Becoming A Writer: Why?

I had a bunch of things come up lately so I didn't have much time to do the classes in Udemy that I had wanted.  I am now picking them back up where I left off.  Most of the classes that I have aren't interactive.  You just listen to the lectures.  However, my becoming a writer class has lessons that have "homework".  So here is my next lesson.  I need to spend 3 minutes writing to answer the question of why I want to write.


I have always been interested in writing and storytelling.  As a child, my brain was always wandering off into far off fantasy worlds that I had created and even some that I hadn't created.  I would pretend that I would step into a TV show, movie, or book and join my favorite characters.  This was how I would spend hours entertaining myself as a kid.  That passion grew into writing stories as I got older.  I remember in high school, me and two of my other friends started working on a novel together.  We would each take turns writing a chapter.  To me, that was fun.  It may have seemed odd to the people around us though.  I wish I knew what had happened to that book we wrote those many years ago.  I had started numerous stories since then.  However, it would always seem that something would come up and I would have to stop what I was doing.  I never completed them.  I now want to get around to finally completing something on my own.

And that my friends is why I want to write...
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