Disclaimer:  I received this book free from Grove Point Press in exchange for an honest review.  I did not receive any form of compensation.

Thinking back on all the things that remind me of my mom, MURDER, SHE WROTE is definitely one of them.  I remember how we would get snacks and beverages ready and plop down onto the couch to watch the latest episodes.  During the commercials we would try to hash out the clues that have been presented to see if we could figure out who did it.  Angela Lansbury was one of my mom's favorite actresses.  Every time I am able to catch a MURDER, SHE WROTE rerun, I sit back and think of those wonderful times with my mom.

So of course, I wanted to read this book.  I love the books that give glimpses at the creative processes behind the shows and also at the people who work their magic to allow us to escape into the various places that the shows bring us.

Me and MURDER, SHE WROTE takes us into the working life of Peter S. Fischer from his beginnings as a struggling writer up to his mystery novels.  I loved reading about the time he spent writing for Columbo.  As he was talking about certain things and episodes, I would try to remember each episode as best as I could.  The same goes for most of the shows he was talking about.  I think I have watched most of them.

And of course, the show that I know the best would be MURDER, SHE WROTE.  I have watched each episode so many times that I can tell you within seconds of it starting which episode it is, the outline of the plot, and who did it.  So hearing all the ins and outs of writing and shooting the scripts was great.  Peter is a truly creative man who I admire greatly.  Because no matter how great the actors are, if the script isn't good, the show won't be good.  And Peter has definitely honed his craft to the point of being able to write credible scenes and create characters that could just walk out of your TV screen into your living room.
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