Review - Curse of the Scarab

Disclaimer:  I received this book free from H.Y. Hanna in exchange for an honest review.  I did not receive any form of compensation.

Great Middle-Grade reader!

I read the book first.  I wanted to make sure that Ben would be able to read it since his comprehension and reading level had dropped quite a bit after the surgery last year.  His reading level is back up to where it had been prior to the surgery (which is well above his grade level), but sometimes he struggles with a few terms.

As an adult, I thoroughly enjoyed this book.  It had a great mystery story that was fun to follow along.  The story is written from a dog's point of view.  And it is all about solving the mystery of what is happening to the disappearing puppies.  I loved seeing how the dogs thought of various things including their owners.

Ben fell head over heels with this book.  He wants to know when he can read more about Honey and all her friends.  There were a few points in the book that had him creeped out.  He doesn't like bugs!  So the scarab scenes got his skin crawling.  He thought it was funny when the dogs were planning escapes.  He told his dog to sit and explained to her that she isn't allowed to escape because he would worry too much.  I thought that was cute.

If you want to get your middle grade reader interested in picking up books, then this is a great place to start.
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