Review - Secret Sounds, Ultimate Healing

Disclaimer:  I received this book free from Wings of Light in exchange for an honest review.  I did not receive any form of compensation.

This book has three sections in it.  The first section is a biography of Sharry Edwards.  It explains where she came from and how she got interested in using sound for healing.  It was interesting, but in all honesty most people who are picking up this book aren't reading it for the biography on the person behind BioAcoustic Technology.  The second section is the science behind it.  To me, that part was really interesting.  I have always been a why and how type of person.  Why does this technology work?  How does it work?  So to me, having an understanding of the science behind it was very important.  However, it did get rather technical in some parts.  So if you decide to read that section, you might want to take it slow.  It sort of can be like a cross between a science text book and a music class in some areas.

The third section is what people are really wanting when they pick up this type of book.  This is the part on how you can use this technology in your life to help create healing.  First off, it is suggested that you get a "voice print" done.  This is essentially an analysis of your voice that tells you areas that are deficient.  There are two ways of doing this.  First, you can either record and submit it to Sharry Edwards for the analysis.  However in order to do it that way, they want it recorded using very specific computer microphones and you need to pay for the report.  The cheapest report is $55.  If you are like me, my money is really tight.  Even though I have a high end gaming headset with a built in mic, that isn't one of the ones that they require.  Plus my money is tight, so I can not go out and buy another mic just to have this done nor can I afford the prices of the reports.

There is another alternative that they offer.  It isn't as in-depth, but it is still viable.  There is a program that she offers that you can download and perform the test yourself.  You can use any mic.  You do need to have some sort of spreadsheet program such as Microsoft Excel or Open Office Calc.  The program that you can download is called NanoVoice.

There are other services that they offer as well.  You can go to a sound clinic and have them play certain sounds while you are attached to a biofeedback machine.  This allows them to see which tones and pitches affect you the most.  Again, this is very costly.

The author, Jill Mattson, then addresses how music can be used to heal you if you know the frequencies that you need.  She talks about how she utilized techniques to find the sound frequencies of various flower essences in order to create music based off of those same essences.  She also sells other CDs with guided meditations that utilize various tones and pitches for healing.

I think that the chapter on toning is the one that I liked the best.  This one didn't feel like I was reading a very long infomercial.  Instead, they provided techniques that anyone can do to help themselves and help others.  I mean, this is really the reason why we buy these types of books.  We don't buy them to find out how someone else's products can help us.  We buy them sort of as a DIY for healing.

There was also a chapter on hearing the sounds of "silence".  This is basically turning everything off and just listening to the sounds of your own body.  This was interesting, but to me that is something that I already do since most of my meditating I do without music.

There is also a chapter on changing your voice.  This chapter gives some exercises to help change pitch, tone, and other qualities of your voice.  The main problem with that is that most people can't really hear their voice as it really is.  Think of it this way, how many times have you heard your voice on an answering machine or other recording device and said that wasn't you because it doesn't sound the way you think you sound.  Well, that is what I am talking about.  The recording device can't alter your voice.  It records it as it truly is.  However, our brains alter our voice as to the way we think we sound.  If you don't believe me, just watch some of those shows like America's Got Talent or The X-Factor.  In the audition section, you will see tons of people who think they sound great singing, but actually sound like cats fighting.

Overall, this was a thinly disguised infomercial for services that Sharry Edwards sells on her website.  They even went so far as quoting prices throughout the book.  I almost felt like someone was going to jump out and yell "but wait there's more".  I guess if I were expecting a book advertising services instead of a book giving pointers on how to do basics then it wouldn't have been as bad.

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