Review - The Ancestral Continuum

Disclaimer: I received this book free from NetGalley in exchange for an honest review. I did not receive any form of compensation.

This book played into two of my favorite things.  First being genealogy and the second being the spirit realm.

Those who know anything about various religions and spiritualities know that ancestor worship is nothing new.  In fact, in Ancient Japan they honored their ancestors with shrines and rituals.  This book teaches how to get in contact with your ancestors and how you can help to heal the family by healing them.

There are a number of practices that can be used to help start the healing process.  And as one who has studied my own genealogy, I can attest that my family needs a lot of healing of past hurts.  An example would be that my grandmother (Ann Flynn) never knew her dad because he left Scotland and came to America shortly after she was born.  He only sent money back a few times for the family.  Then he was never heard from again.  We aren’t even sure what happened to him.  My grandmother didn’t even know about him coming to America.  She only knew that he had died.  It wasn’t until doing research that I came across his voyage to America.  So this abandonment is something that would need to be healed.  As well as various other stories such as this. 

Another thing that is discussed is cultural heritage.  Being a first born American, you would think that I would have grown up with a close cultural tie to my heritage.  My parents and sisters were all born in Canada.  My grandparents were born in England and Scotland.  Yes, I have recently started embracing my heritage more.  However growing up, you would never have known my heritage by looking at our house.  In fact, our house was decorated with Japanese figurines and paintings.  So it looked more like the household of someone with a Japanese heritage then a British one.

It is through learning the stories of our family that we can truly learn more about ourselves.  It is never too late to start asking questions about your family history.

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