Disclaimer:  I received this book free from Boyd's Mill Press in exchange for an honest review.  I did not receive any form of compensation.

Being a Unitarian Universalist, I am always looking for more information on various spiritualities.  This book was definitely no different.

I have always been fascinated with Ancient Egyptian religion and culture.  This book takes a very amusing look at it from the point of view of Anubis.  It is written in such a humorous way that middle grade readers won't even realize how much they are actually learning from it!

I loved the way that Anubis describes how Ra created the world by "hocking a giant loogie".  When you think about the actual story of the world's creation, that is essentially what happened.  They just don't normally describe it in that way.  However, this was an amusing twist to it that will certainly have any middle grade reader laughing hysterically and saying "eeewwww gross!"

The book even goes into why the Egyptians mummified the dead and how they did it.  It was really interesting.  I never realized the why part at all.

Overall, this is a fun read for middle grade readers.  However, even as an adult, I enjoyed this book greatly!


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