Review - Hitch


Disclaimer: I received this book free from Bloomsbury Publishing Plc in exchange for an honest review. I did not receive any form of compensation.

Hitch by John Russell Taylor details the life of one of the most influential filmmakers of all time, Alfred Hitchcock.  Most people have either seen an Alfred Hitchcock film or at least know about them,  However, how many people know the man behind the movies?  I know that I certainly didn’t.

This book takes us from the birth of Alfred Hitchcock (not far from where my grandma was born) right up to his death in 1980.  There was so much information and I honestly didn’t realize how much more extensive his career had been.

Of course, I knew of all the major movies, but I honestly didn’t know that he had started out in the film industry back in 1920 as a title designer.  Before that, he had worked in his father’s store. 

This book was originally published in 1978.  It has insights provided from people who knew Hitchcock himself.  There were a few edits and additions since then.  Hence, the new release.



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