Review - The Red Plague Affair

Disclaimer:  I received this book free from Orbit in exchange for an honest review.  I did not receive any form of compensation.

Let me first start by saying that I am not being overly nit picky lately.  It just seems that too many books just haven't been drawing me in lately.  I am not sure if the authors are just trying to push out books to quickly or if editors are allowing things through much more easily.

I had not read the first book in this series.  I really wish that I had.  There were too many things that had me completely confused throughout this book.  Even through my confusion, I was able to complete the book though.

The book was adequately written.  The plot was decent enough.  It didn't sweep me off my feet & make me say "WOW!  I have got to read the rest of the series".  It was just a pleasant afternoon read that left me with a meh feeling.  I didn't become overly invested in the characters at all.

I guess one of the things that confused me was that the two main characters seemed to spend most of their time off pursuing other things.  I still have no idea why Clare was after Dr. Vance.  And since I really can't forsee me reading either the first or any subsequent books, then that will be a mystery that won't be solved for me.
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