Review–Keep Me Ghosted


Disclaimer: I received this book free from NetGalley in exchange for an honest review. I did not receive any form of compensation.

Keep Me Ghosted was a cute read.  It wasn’t something that I would completely gush over, but it kept my interest.  There were a few points in the story where I felt it just moved too slowly.  Otherwise, it went at a rather decent pace.

The characters were completely fun and quirky.  They were not completely believable or relatable though.  I think that is one of the reasons that I didn’t get completely absorbed into the story. 

Even though it was rather short, this was not a book that I read in one sitting. 

Would I read another book by this author?  More then likely. Would I read another book in this series?  Probably.  I definitely won’t rule either out since this was a cute book that did have me laughing.

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