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Disclaimer: I received this book free from Twigtale in exchange for an honest review. I did not receive any form of compensation.


When I was little, my parents had bought a set of books called the Read About Me series.  Each book had my name, pet’s name, friends’ names, and family members’ names.   I loved those books because each one was personalized with information about me.  Even though I had those books almost 40 years ago, I can still remember some of the stories from them.

When my kids were small, there really wasn’t anything like that.  Now that my niece has a daughter, I came across Twigtale!  I was so ecstatic to find these books.  Each one has pictures that you have taken yourself and are interspersed in the story.  So not only is there information that you provide to them about the child, but actual pictures of the child as well.  These are definitely books that you will want to keep around. 

When I got the opportunity to do a review, I talked to my niece to see if she would like to create one of these for Arya so that we can give it a try.

DSC_3977First off, the book was extremely easy to make.  You can either upload the pictures as you create each page or you can upload a bunch of pictures and then just select them as you create.  You can also add either one picture to each section or multiples.  It is very adaptive.

There are PDFs of which types of pictures they suggest for each of the various pages to make it a little easier to decide from all the cute pictures of your kids.

They have a wide range of books to choose from.  We chose the What is Love? book to create.  They even have blank books that you can create from scratch.

DSC_4281Not only will the child love to read about themselves (just as Arya does), but it is a fun & unique way of saving some really great memories and photos.

Each book only costs $20 plus shipping.  That is really cheap considering that each one is tailored to your child.  However, for a limited time, you can use the following code in order to get a 10% discount on any book purchased.  This code is good until 6/30/2014. 


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