Yoga Meditation


“All yoga practices are preparation for focusing the mind during meditation,” notes renowned yogi Stephen Sturgess. In his new book, Sturgess demonstrates how to use a wide range of yoga meditation practices as a portal to higher consciousness.

Initial chapters explain what yoga meditation is and why it is so useful in our busy, modern lives. Here, Sturgess gives insight into the Eight Limbs of Yoga (an established approach to the successive stages of yoga) and enlightens us on the workings of our internal energy system – all of which lay the foundation for a deeper understanding of the practices to come. Sturgess then guides us through the key seated meditation postures and a range of helpful mudras (hand gestures) and bandhas (energetic seals) before going on to offer clear, step-by-step guidance on a wide choice of the most effective yoga postures, purification practices, breathing exercises and meditation techniques to still the mind and awaken the inner spirit. In the final chapter he recommends how to put these practices together in the form of nourishing daily routines to suit your individual needs, as well as giving advice on how to establish an overall healthy lifestyle, based on ancient Indian health traditions.

Beautifully illustrated, highly practical and deeply inspirational, this is the ideal guide to establishing a regular holistic health program. It will allow you to connect with your true divine Inner Self, realize your fullest potential for creative thought and action, and establish balance, harmony and happiness in every aspect of your life.


If you have ever wanted to take your meditative practices a few steps further, then this is a great book for you.  Not only do you get the basics of meditation, but you get advanced techniques as well.  I hadn’t realized that there was more to yoga, then getting into strange pretzel like positions.

I had already heard some of the techniques discussed in the book but not in context with a daily meditative practice.  So I was happy to learn how I could incorporate them into my daily life.  Sturgess takes you step-by-step to help you build a practice that will assist you in reaching a higher spiritual plan while meditating.  Not only that, but there are other benefits as well for using his techniques. 

This book was definitely easy to follow along.  There were great pictures showing how to do certain things that seemed a little complicated when in the written explanation.  So he was able to simplify things that way as well.

Disclaimer: I received this book free from NetGalley in exchange for an honest review. I did not receive any form of compensation.

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