Celtic Tree Magic


Explore the powerful magic of the twenty-five trees in the ogham tradition. Enrich your spiritual practice with authentic Celtic wisdom and practical techniques. Written by a Druid witch and Celtic shaman, Celtic Tree Magic shows you how to practice Celtic divination, charms, and spells; make salves, tinctures, ointments, and green crafts; work with each tree’s magical correspondences and healing attributes; find tree-spirit allies in nature and the otherworld; grow and tend trees with spirit guardians; and fashion wands and other magical tools with relevant woods.

With practical exercises, hands-on tips, and an accessible exploration of folklore and myth, this lovely and lyrical handbook provides practical skills and deeper understandings for beginners and intermediate practitioners.

Trees hold great power. They are our green kin, with much to teach us, if we will but listen.


Being of Irish and Scottish descent, I have always been extremely interested in Celtic spirituality.  However, I never really felt that it was easily accessible.  The books that I had previously found on it made it really complicated to the point that it seemed I would need to find a local druid to study with.  However, Danu Forest's book has made it so the solitary practitioner can learn more about Celtic spirituality. 

This book is well laid out, thought provoking, and informative.  I really loved all the exercises throughout the book that help me get closer to my spiritual roots.  After reading this one book, I feel that I know a lot more about Celtic practices then I have through all the other books I have read. 

My only complaint it that even though they have the Gaelic forms of words in the book as well as the English, there weren't really any pronunciation guides to the Gaelic.  I really would have loved to known how to pronounce those words, especially since my great grandparents spoke Gaelic, but it didn't get passed down to any of us since they had passed away before we were born.

If you are wanting to learn the way of the Celts, then you definitely need to pick up this book.

Disclaimer: I received this book free from NetGalley in exchange for an honest review. I did not receive any form of compensation.

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